Do you have any problems with

White spots, Discoloration, Burn marks of products ?

The cause of them might be DUST .

The material generally includes dust not only crushed material. Dust always appears from the materials rubbed against each other during material transport in the tank or hopper.

Dust is the cause of White spots and shadow for transparent products and also discoloration for colored products. Moreover, carbides sticking to the screw might be a cause of the burn marks.

Helical hopper helps you to solve these problems.

Helical Hopper is also called Vacuum type dust separating hopper. This device is used to separate a fine powder from materials' surface by using spiral air and resupply air.




The hopper collects the dust in the process of material conveying line and it keeps the occupying space to the minimum.


The air swirls in the hopper to isolate and collect the fine dust efficiently.


The hopper is also usable for simple stirring of the batches or crushed materials.


The size and the shape of the top filter are changeable to match the materials for optimum dust collecting.

Structure / Principle

As the fed resin materials spin in the hopper, the hopper unit collects fine dust from the air inlet on the top of the hopper.

The fed air from the bottom of the hopper lifts up and stirs the remained materials to repeatedly collect dust on the surface of the materials.

The cause of apperance defects, DUST

Our Helical Hopper collects and removes it!