Belt conveyor type box filling system
HCS series is the belt conveyor type box filling system with basic and economical structure.
It is cost-effective and able to fill up the box in limited space.

●Equipped with “Shot Counter” to count up the shot signals from the robot to change the box
●Equipped with “Takt Feeder” to arrange the parts in the box in the direction of Y with the timer.
●Automatic filling system with affordable price and small footprint.
●ON/OFF switch on the alarm buzzer for unattended operation.
●Smooth operations with the touch panel.
●Error/alarm display.
●”CTS Motion” to operate the system as a conveyor without box filling motion.
●Bilingual software (Japanese & English)

hcs2_01a 1


●Three-color signal tower
●In Conveyor (Contact us for details)
●Out conveyor (Contact us for details)

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