Great value to shorten the mold changing time and improve productivity.

● The standardly equipped air cushioning reduces 70% of impact!
Reducing stress against the wrist unit shortens the required cycle
● The retainers on the linear guides reduces the noise and provides
longer periodical lubrication intervals.
● Improved maximum payload performance(Model:350 10kg to 12kg)
More c hoices o f EO AT a pplications s uch a s i nser t /multiple
placement, which were not able to mount before.
● The aluminum f rame is redesigned based o n its 3 D
structure analysis data.
● Reducing the time required to set the temperature or
preventing a human-error, by HAL-NET(OPTION)

Controller HRS-1400a

●Lightweight, compact yet full of features!!
・Lightweight, compact and fits in one hand!
・The built in memory and the USB memory stick can hold the mold memory data (up to 500).
・Hand strap to prevent unexpected drop.
・Key selector switches (OFF/ MANUAL/AUTO) to easily protect / manage the data.
・Three-position safety switch for easy operation and safety.
・Easy-to-press membrane manual operation switches.
・Only 1 kg of weight and 40mm slim body.
・Corner protectors protect the pendant from the impact of the unexpected fall.

●Off line programming
・Additional specifications such as special operations and outputs after introducing robots are available without stopping workflow.
・Operational check of created program with 3D can be done on the computer

●Group Management
・The mold memories are manageable by grouping them into customers, products or any desired categories.

●Free Palletizing
・Freely set up to 256 part release points.

●Home Positions
・1st entry
・outside mold
・horizontal above mold
・backward (all standard)

・Communicating with the HARMO F series auxiliary equipment.
・The auxiliary equipment is remotely operable with the touch panel of the robot.

●Data Link System(OPTION)
Compatible with Data Link System such as batch setting and batch monitoring of peripheral devices. Contributes to shorten the mold changing time.
・Automatic setup by selecting the mold data on the robot
・Start all peripheral devices at once with the robot
・Monitor the data on all peripheral devices

・Standard 8 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish,Indonesian,Vietnamese and Turkish)
・Other European languages are available

●Production Management
・Production monitoring and management settings are available to set the robot action at the end of the operations, such as stopping the automatic operation at the end of the production.

・A lot of IOs (up tp 56)
・The error logs helps to identify the cause of the troubles.
・The maintenance messages alerts the time for the maintenance.

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