The ideally designed HRXⅢ series contributes to improve the productivity in
your factory with the shorter mold changing time.

●20% less take-out time with the best design. To increase productivity.
●Higher grade IMM and EOAT with conventional size
●Increase of maximum payload can adapt a heavier and more complex EOAT such as for insert molding with little vibration. (550 type:15kg, 800 type:20kg, 1000 type:30kg)
●Longer Vertical Strokes. Inside mold: up tp 1800mm, Outside mold: up to 2000mm.(800 type)
● Longer Vertical Strokes. Inside mold: up tp 2000mm,Outside mold: up to 2400mm.(1000 type)
●Controling HARMO peripheral equipment though HAL-NET. (option)
●7-color LED shows the status of the robot: power-on/stop/error, and the error status of the HARMO peripheral equipment (with HAL-NET).(Option)

Controller HRS-1400b

●8.4 XGA (1024×768) high resolution LCD with easy-to-read letters on each displays.
●Teaching operartion without looking at the controller with Easy-to-press membrane manual operation switches for every single axis.
●HARMO original jog dial for speedy operation.
●Protect from unexpected falling with equipped corner guards.
●Dust and Water resistance: IP44
●Languages: 3 languages are directly selectable on the screen. (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai and European languages)

To provide fulfilling maintenance.
It is able to notify accurate maintenance timing based on total power distribution, cumulative distance and number of shot thereby to suggest preventive maintenance such as promoting parts replacement before troubles happen.

Improved easy operation
A fullfilled quick operation by devising the shape of button and display.

Editable program on your computer.
Off line programming (3D simulation)
Additional specifications such as special operations and outputs after introducing robots are available without stopping workflow. Operational check of created program with 3D can be done on the computer

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