HRXⅢ-100~250Si-Ry/ Gi-Ry


There are two types of 2-axis servo wrist model (Ry or Rz).
Select the suitable type in accordance to the production needs;
parts releasing pattern or integration with other automation machines.

●Improve the Productivity
・Idealy designed structure for take-out time reduction (up to 20%)
・The durability has been improved for 69% by analyzing its frame structure and re-evaluating the balance of its center gravity.
 The range of vibration and the convergence time is reduced.
・The balance and driving specification of the arm has been re-evaluatied to suppress its twisting and increased its moving speed.
・Improved maximum payload performance
・Model 150 5kg to 7kg (largest payload in industry)
・Model 350 10kg to 12kg
 A complex EOAT for insert/multiple placement is adaptable.
●Shorten the Mold Changing Time
・Datalink Integration System (IMM⇔Robot⇔Auxiliaries) for centralized setup/power control/monitoring
 (integration with HARMO auxiliaries)
・The newly designed EOAT adapter is equipped to drastically reduce the EOAT changing time (Model 100 to 250).
●Reduce the Defect Rate
・Datalink Integration System (IMM⇔Robot⇔Auxiliaries) for centralized setup/power control/monitoring
 (integration with HARMO auxiliaries)
Monitoring the sensors and sending the error information (integration with HARMO auxiliaries)
●Cut back the After-Installation Cost
・User friendly on-site programming(Smart Programming)
・Signal Light (adaptable up to 7 colors):
 7-color LED shows the status of the robot: power-on/stop/error, and the error status of the HARMO auxiliaries (with HAL-NET).
・Longer Vertical Strokes:
 Model 150: up to 1000mm, Model 350: up to 1400mm
・Higher payload type:
 Model 150 with higher payload: 12kg can adapt a heavier and more complex EOAT such as for insert molding with very little vibration.

nal-net-hrx3 onetouch-hrx3 led-hrx3
HAL-NET(HARMO ALL-AROUND LINK – NET)      Smart Hand Adapter     Signal Light (adaptable up to 7 colors)

Controller HRS-1500

01-hrx2-100si-gi-1500HAL-NET(HARMO ALL-AROUND LINK-NET) (Option)
・Communication with HARMO F series peripheral equipment.
・The robot controller has the operation menu for the peripheral equipment.
●Screen Customization
・Customize the menus.
●Smart Programming
・End user free programmable.
・The editable program by using Windows PC. (Offline programming)
・Alphabets and numbers are usable on the mold memories, points and names.
●Other features
・ The new screen structure simplified the controller operations including teaching.
・Smart programming cuts down the mold data creating time in a half so that programming is no longer stressful.
・The controller backs up 1000 mold memories into a general USB memory stick.
 The controller can hold up to 2000 mold memories with an USB memory stick.
 (Use an USB memory stick with 4 GB or more.USB 3.0 is not supported.)
・Languages: 3 languages are available to directly select on the menu.
 *Standard Languages: Japanese, English, and Chinese. The controller can hold up to 5 different language settings.


●Vacuum ejector : 1 circuit
●Palletizing (up to 999 points per axis)
●Selectable home positions
(1st Entry / Out-Mold / Above Mold / Backward)
●Reject circuit
(Example: Initial Reject / Sampling)
●Pass motion (speedup motion)
●Part grip : 1 circuit
●Built-in memory for mold data
(up to 1000 memories)
●Smart Programming
●Initial reject
●Take out from moving platen
●Display language selector
●Main Sprue Grip: 1 circuit
●Adjustable point coordinates during the auto-run
●Customizable screen display layout
●Wrist flip en-route (speedup motion)
●Quick point-teaching features
(Teach & Go / Point Stop / Cordinates entry)


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