EX4-G Series



Continuingly reliable sprue picker for its speed and durability

●Vacuum Ejector Equipped (1 circuit)
●Easy to reach: The “single-action” feature with the easy-to-reach ratchet position, provides smooth and speedy mold change-over.
●Combining the sliding unit and the cylinder terminal increases the durability and reduces vibration.
●Wider bore diameter (φ50 to φ63) on the rotational cylinder provides more stable motion.
The patented DUS system (Dual Shock Absorber System) has been employed to reduce the stress on the shock absorber by changing the speed of the fast-moving arm.


Controller HRS-40G

●Compact hand-held controller
●Easy-to-see display with icons
●EEPROM storage without the memory backup battery
●50 mold memories
●Easy to identify the key switches function; setting or operational, to improve the operability

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