EX4 Series


Brand New Pneumatic Swing Type Sprue Picker with Fully Updated Mechanism and Controller
Continuingly reliable sprue picker for its speed and durability

●Newly designed body: The controller unit (controller and air valves) are built into the solid main body and he components are well-laid out to be insulated from the influence of surroundings.
●Easy to reach: The “single-action” feature with the easy-to-reach ratchet position, provides smooth and speedy mold change-over.
●Ball bushing on the side pipe slide: Combining the sliding unit and the cylinder terminal increases the durability and reduces vibration.
●Fixing with set screws: employing the set screws makes it easy to lock the wrist
rotation unit when it is not in use.
●The wirings are tucked into the wrist unit to avoid unnecessary contact or breakage of the wirings.
DUS system* equipped
●Wider diameter: Changing the cylinder bore diameter from φ25 to φ32
reduces the take-out time up to 20% (comparison with our previous model)
●Thciker shaft on the kick unit: Enforcing the stability of the rotational shaft and reducing the vibration

 PAT. What is the *DUS system ?
This system employs double cushioning on the main arm (shock absorber + neumatic cushioning) to reduce the stress and increase the durability on the shock absorber by adjusting the timer of the pneumatic cushioning according to the length of the vertical stroke.

Controller HRS-40

●Compact hand-held controller
●Easy-to-see display with icons
●EEPROM storage without the memory backup battery
●50 mold memories
●Easy to identify the key switches function; setting or operational, to improve the operability

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