New HLIII robots are now available with advanced controllers!
●Function-oriented sophisticated design.
●The digital AC servo motor on the traverse axis speeds up the robot motion and reduces the noise.
●The HL III robot, optimum for 50t to 220t IMM size, simplifies the setting procedures for the traverse direction by employing the AC servo motor on the traverse axis and shortens the cycle time.

Controller HRS-500

HRS-500●Compact hand-held controller.
●Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai.
●EEPROM without necessity of memory backup
●50 mold memories.
●Use the user-programming to edit the programs and insert the output port, the input criteria and timers (standard, max. 42 steps).


●In-mold / on-traverse part and sprue release
●Home positions (above mold, out-mold)
●Above-mold / out-mold wrist flip
●Main sprue grip
●Traverse-out / Traverse-in sprue release
●Slow down at 2nd descent
●Takeout from the moving and the fixed platens
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