Reliable proven robots with telescopic arm for compact design

VW3-65R●New controller HRS-30.
●Exclusive in the industry! Space saving telescopic type arm.
●More space saving and affordable price.
●Lining up 12 types; conventional 4 types, 800 stroke type, and
●Gripper slide feature for hoop molding.
●Built-in controller for space saving (except T type)
●A vertical home position wheel
●Linear guides on vertical and horizontal axes for high rigidity
 (40% more)
●Optional slim gripper
●Optional 120mm extension on the vertical home position (standard in
 the 800 stroke type)

Controller HRS-30

01-vw3-45_65_80-1●Compact hand-held controller.
●Easy-to-see display with icons common to languages.
●5 languages supported (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai)
●The controller is free from the memory backup battery and can store the data with EEPROM.
●50 mold memories.
●Use the user-programming to edit the programs and insert the output port, the input criteria and timers
 (standard, max. 21 steps).


●Vacuum ejector
●Extrernal verification
●Conveyor signal
●Customizable color
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