SHⅡ-700 H/700GH


01-SH2-700h_gh1●High Speed
・The take-out time is 30% shorter than the conventional model.
●High Rigidity
・Deflection on the arm end is 39% less. *Compared to the conventional model
・Providing the stable high-cycle motions on the 3-plate molds.
●Accuracy of Repeatable Positioning
・50% improved accuracy comparing to the conventional type.
・accuracy reduces the take-out errors and moment stop.
Suitable for removing minute size molded parts.
●Response Speed
・The distance of the tube on the fixed side sprue gripper is shorter
 to speed up the response by 18ms (0.018 sec). (SHⅡ-700GH)
●Easy Maintenance
・The centralized lubrication system is equipped as standard and
 shortens the maintenance time.
・The lever is available to pump up to the set pressure.

Controller HRS-152/154

HRS-140●Easy-to-view screen with 7.5 inch 65536-color LCD
●Storable up to 40 mold memories
●Safety switch to avoid mis-operation


●Additional vacuum circuit with vacuum break
●Air blow circuit
●Part grip circuit
●Vacuum break circuit
●Kick frame extension +120mm
●Sprue release air circuit
●Box filling system for cavity separation (4 cavity separations)
●Part fiber monitoring circuit


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