HRXⅡ-200SWb/ 200GWb


●Wide cable track
・The robot uses the wide type cable tracks for all axes.
 The wide type cable tracks make it easier to run cables and
 tubes for extra valves and special applications.
●Up to 8 vacuums
・Easy-to-read vacuum pressure meters.
・8 vacuums and 8 grips available for most applications.
・Small type regulator for adjusting the grip force
・These wide frames are more rigid; 40% more in 150GW model.
・Lightweight and stylish aluminum body. Arrange the positions of
 the traverse frame according to your factory’s layout.
・Standard grease catcher on traverse and kick linear guides.
●Wrist unit
・Grip angle adjustor (±3°around)
●Colored caps
・Unified layouts for cabling and tubing of the attachment. Colored caps make it easier to change attachments.
・EOAT attachments with various mounting hole pitches to accommodate every type.

Controller HRS-1300

HRS-1300Built-in mold memories
・The controller can automatically back up 1000 mold memories into an SD card.
 The controller can hold up to 2000 mold memories with an USB memory stick.
・Communication with HARMO F series peripheral equipment.
・The robot controller has the operation menu for the peripheral equipment.
・5 languages are available (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai)
・European languages are optionally available.
Vibration controlling ensures optimum servo motions
・In addition to automatic vibration control, acceleration and deceleration settings are available for each point.
 Combining with EOAT weight control optimizes the servo motions.
Different palletizing patterns
・Up to 256 points are settable with the free palletizing.The controller offers a wide variety of palletizings by changing the reference point
 or the axial priority. (Some are optional.)
Operation logs
・The controller can hold up to 150 logs to help you identify the cause of the troubles by reviewing how you have operated on which


Part grip circuit
Runner mid release
Password setting
Mold memory
 (1000 mold memories)
Multi-row place (4P)
Pass motion
H.P. outside mold
IO graph
Auto off at run end
In-mold release
E.O.A.T change point
Fine point adjustment in auto operation
Different pitch palletize
Sampling counter
Wrist flip en-route
Takeout from fixed platen
Sub arm control
Initial reject counter
STEP operation
Main sprue grip
Equal pitch palletizing
Wrist horizontal above mold
H.P. backward
Free palletize (256P)
Reject release
3 undercut points
1 vacuum circuit
Logs (Maintenance, Error)
Languages (Max. 5 languages)
H.P. horizontal above mold
Quick programming
 (Additional 64 points)
H.P. 1st entry
Servo monitor
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