LM Series


HARMO supports the last process of molding, which is packing.
Processes will be improved by using a tube film packing machine.

LM series are tube film packing machines that make bags using cylindrical polyethylene film as packing materials and also pack products at the same time.
Tube type bag to prevent dust caused by static electricity and to pack products well.
If it is used with a printer, printing QR code on the tube for traceability is available.

●Small industrial parts and connectors can be packed.
●Safety design
 When the cover opens, the machine doesn’t work for safety.
●Changing a bag is easy
●Easy operations
●A variety of the customizations
 Corresponding to the size of hopper, shape, and customization.
 The width of the bag: 100mm to 300mm.
 The length of the bag is settable and. We also offer the machine with a printer.
●Line-up with the printer.
●Compact body


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