Cracked and not uniformed shapeーMaintaining the transpearancy and uniformed shape


The materials are torn apart and uneven in sizeー90% of cut materials are in the target size (2.8m/m to 4m/m) and almost equally sized

Benefits of using Gran Cutter

Recycling rate 0%➡10%!
Customer: A camera manufacturer
Material: Dedicated materials for optics industry
Molding lenses with expensive materilas
(3000JPY per kg)
Annual cost saving: 200 million
Customer: An automotive parts manufacturer
Material: Multiple types
Installed dedicated Gran-Cutter to each machine
No pile up! Purchase of 40 units!
A general goods manufacturer
Material: ABS
Before purchase, lots of miscuts and
pile-up happened 5 times a day near the Hopper
By purchasing Gran-Cutter,mixing ratio became 20%!
Customer: A glasses parts manufacturer
Material: Elastomer
Granules’ quality is unstable with
competitor’s crusher.
Introduction of Gran-Cutter halve the measuring time
Customer: A connector manufacturer
Material: 6 nylon
Took long to measure because a lot of dust in
conventional granules
Enable to throw materials into the Hopper smoothly

Enable to throw materials
into the Hopper smoothly

The remaining of the elongate sprues cause pile up near the mouth of Hopper. But with Gran Cutter, miscuts and pile-up barely happens.

Problem solving such as
Burnt and dark spots.

By using Gran Cutter, less uneven measuring time due to few dust and less burnt and dark spots.

Problem solving such as Burnt and dark spots.
No need to waste your sprue

No need to
waste your sprue

A company used to use virgin materials (Elastomer) for molding. The company found out that Gran-Cutter cut evenly sized granules. So they bought Gran-Cutter.
Recycling rate became 30% and no more wasting away your sprues/runners.

100% reduced
recycled materials

Normal-Crusher don’t cut soft materials moreover it tears off soft materials. Tore-off sprue is stringy and prohibited to be reused. By using Gran Cutter for soft materials, it made possible to use 100% of recycled materials.

100% reduced recycled materials
It doesn not take much effort

It doesn not
take much effort

It used to be done 4-5 times cleaning of filter around peripheral equipments for a day but now it’s only once a day because of few dust from recycled materials.

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