Our latest and renovated “Gran Cutter”
contributes to reduce manufacturing costs.

  • ●Hopper Throat / Mouth on Main body
    The frontage of Hopper Throat and Mouth on Main body changed to a rectangle from previous square type. It adapts to long sprue for the use of wide platens of injection molding machines.
  • ●Safety design
    Gran cutter works only when door is firmly closed and the hopper is installed.
  • ●Bin
    6 liter suction bin is equipped as standard.
    Pull-out direction can be either forward or backward.We have improved the structure to be environmentally friendly at plants.

●Datalink (optional)
Connect with Datalink to monitor Gran-cutter’s operation and shutdown.It also helps to improve productivity by detecting bridged of sprue and runner.

Datalink to realize solutions to the problems of “Improve productivity”, “Shorten the mold changing time” and “Prevent human-errors” by Harmo Robot “connecting” with peripheral equipment.

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