Combined Dryer & Hopper Unit

More Space-Saving
45% less space saving by combining dryer and loader. Moreover 35% less space saving than the previous combined model.

Maximum 38% energy saving with semi-closed method
Reusing the hot air after drying materials saves electricity consumption.

Stable Molding Quality
Dust collector from recycled material
Temperature controlling range is maximum 150℃ to deal with the resin which needs heated air drying

Shorter Mold Changing Time
Cleaning time is 50% shorter than a conventional type!
HARMO’s traverse type robot can remotely control the combined dryer & loader unit or other peripheral equipment made by HARMO. After saving the corresponding data, simply load the mold data to be able to control / operate the set peripheral equipment with the robot controller. This link-to-control feature prevents careless mistakes such as not selecting the appropriate temperature. Also it helps to reduce the time required for changing the molds.
Under this link feature, the robot can remotely control the peripheral equipment installed outside of a clean room as well.

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