Energy saving hopper dryer THD-F series


THD-F●Reuse the heat generated from the cyclone to reduce the energy consumption, with the hopper dryer and the heat exchanger (option)!!
●The heat-exchanging eco-friendly dryer cuts power consumption by up to 33% !!

*Use the optional sub dumper with a hopper loader.








■The secret to the energy saving
Heat sink


  1. The hot air exhausted from the dryer and the freshly fed drying air go through the heat exchanger so that the stable circulating air can dry the materials efficiently.
  2. The blower feeds the intake air to the heater. Going through the heat exchanger can cut down the power usage of the heater to reduce the power consumed by the heater.
  3. The efficient heat exchanger cools down and exhausts the hot air so that you can even save the power consumption of the air conditioner at your factory.


*This heat-exchange system is installable to all THD series hopper dryers.
*Please feel free to contact our representative for details.

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