THD-F Series


●The larger displays for the settings and the current temperature.
●The unified controller panel with HMC-F series mold temperature controllers.
●Built-in mold memory The memory can hold 100 sets of temperature and timer settings.
●Start-up timer The timer is settable up to 99 hours and 59 minutes. (15 hour backup)
●Stop timer The timer is settable up to 99 hours and 59 minutes.
●Auto-Dim The display light turns off to save the power consumption while the start-up timer is running.
●Maintenance alert The maintenance message notifies when the machine reaches the set service time.
●Infrared remote control (option) The remote controller allows cable-less operation.
●CN II interface (option) This optional feature starts and stop the hopper loader CN II.
●Temperature monitor (option)  This monitoring feature alerts when the dryer temperature could not reach the setting during the set duration of time.


●Tilt the controller panel to get clear view, regardless of the dryer’s mounting position.




thf-2The operation distance of infrared may vary depending on the noise environment.
The remote controller may not function properly in some environment.



●Heat insulation coating
●Cart with the casters
●Infrared remote control
●Weekly timer
●24 hour timers
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