Celebrated 50th anniversary

This year HARMO reaches 53rd year since its founding. The company progress through these fulfulling 53 years cannot be explained without appreciation to genuine support extended from our customers, business partners, community, employees and their families.

53 years ago, the founder of HARMO had started a very small silk reeling business with 5 people in a hut made out of lumbers and some steal wires. They were using a metal barrel as a boiler back then.One day the automatic silk reeling machine had failed because of the certain part. The company,which manufactured the failed part was struggling with its management. The founder took over that nearly-bankrupt company; this is the very start of The first product, vacuum gauge was sold to silk reeling companies allover Japan, followed by the next huge hit product, MAYU-CON (silk reeling controller). After going through some rough years, HARMO had turned itself into surplus company with new transistor-type power supply, which was a breakthrough at that time. On the next year,HARMO stepped into the world of removal robot for molded plastic parts.

Time to time, I remind myself that when you hit the rock bottom, that is the true start of business. I have been fixing my eye firmly on the future whether the business is going well or not, and never let my guard down.

The 50-years journey was full of ups and downs. We have been over comming the economical whirlwind with creativity and flexibility. Our manufacture-oriented management has casted the trust and the satisfaction into shape to take on the fast growing market throughout the world.

The industry has been changing greater and faster than ever. In such times, we are determined to keep the made-in-Japan technology alive by sharpening our true ability as pioneers and maintaining the HARMO motto. We promise to continue providing better products and services by listening to our customers needs.We sincerely appreciate your continuous support.

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