Answering to the customers' needs with our solid support system.

As the comprehensive manufacturer of molded parts removal robot and the related peripheral machines, HARMO has been building solid structure for product development through marketing. Our wide global network not only provide us the broad field of sales, but also bring us closer to our customers through our technical support and their feedbacks.We are determined to develop, manufacture and deliver our high quality products by understanding our customers’ sophisticated yet diverse needs for automation and labor-saving system, which require high speed, preciseness, efficiency and safety.

Company Profile

Company Name HARMO Co., Ltd.
HQ Office & Factory 4124-1 Minami-minowa, Kamiina, Nagano, 399-4595, Japan
【Administration & Finance Division】Tel:0265-72-0111
【International Marketing Division】Tel:0265-73-8820
【Project Quality Assurance Division】Tel:0265-73-8861
【Business Promotion Division】Tel:0265-73-3699
【Technical Division】Tel:0265-73-2773
【Manufacturing Division】Tel:0265-73-2765
【Purchasing Division】Tel:0265-73-2775
Ina Factory 7621-10 Nishi-Minowa, Ina, Nagano, 399-4501,Japan
【Research Business Division】Tel:0265-76-5061
【Processing Division】Tel:0265-76-1041
Offices 14 offices in Japan, 9 overseas subsidiaries, 2
overseas offices
Establishment 19th June, 1962
Capital JPY 290,500,000
President Hideaki Hama
Business Activities Development, manufacture and sales of industrial robots(automated pick-up equipmentsfor injection molded parts) and streamlined auxiliary machines for plastic molding machine
Affiliates Hama Foundation, HARMO Museum

Company History

June 1962 Established with a capital of JPY 1,000,000. Started development, manufacture and sales
of the general automatic controllers as “Shinetsu Denshi Sangyo Co., Ltd.” in Okaya City, Nagano.
June 1964 Increased the capital by JPY 1,000,000. Changed the company name to HARMO Denki Co.,Ltd.
Started development and sales of the automatic controllers mainly for the textile industry.
September 1969 Developed and launched 3 types of the molded plastics unloaders,
“ATOM” and 3 types of the verification systems.
April 1972 Changed the company name to HARMO Co., Ltd.
March 1977 Moved the HQ office from Okaya City to Adachiku,Tokyo.
December 1981 Established the Ina factory in Ina City, Nagano for mass production of the robots.
July 1983 Spun off the auxiliary equipment division and organized HARMO M.A.C. Co., Ltd.
February 1986 Incorporated HARMO T.E.C. (R&D) Co., Ltd.
April 1987 Introduced computers for general control and management operations.
August 1988 Merged HARMO M.A.C. Co., Ltd.Total capital JPY 110,000,000.
April 1990 Opened the HARMO art museum.
March 1991 Constructed the employee dormitory in Ina,
March 1992 Built the new HQ factory in Kamiina-gun, Nagano.
November 1994 Signed the joint development contract of the servo robots with DENSO Co., Ltd.
August 1995 Signed the OEM contract of the servo robots withDENSO Co., Ltd.
June 1996 Moved the HQ office from Adachi-ku, Tokyo to Minami Minowa-mura, Kamiina, Nagano.
September 1996 Certified according to ISO-9001.
October 1997 Hideaki Hama became the president and the CEO of HARMO.
July 1999 Increased the capital to JPY 220,000,000.
October 2002 Merged HARMO T.E.C.(R&D)Co., Ltd.
March 2009 Commenced the HARMO school
February 2011 Established the first oversea factory in China. HARMO (SUZHOU) CO., LTD. in Suzhou, Jiangsu, CHINA
June 2012 50th anniversary
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