HRX series


Clean-room enemies – dust, grease, and exhaust- are all eliminated!
All HRX series robots are supported!

●Grease and dust proof by stainless covers and grease proof guide, and arm covers.
●Concentrated exhaust (filter or element mounting)
●Manual centralized lubrication system is optionally available.
●Mold temperature controllers and dehumidifying driers outside the room can be operated on a robot controller.(supported models only)
●Stainless covers on painted surfaces prevents paint from coming off.


①Main and sub arms are perfectly covered by stainless steel.
②The lower parts of both the arms are grease proofed.
③Low particle generating cable track and traverse stainless cover.
④Cable track cover and grease-proof design for the kick unit.
⑤Central exhaust cleaner and air unit with oil mist filter.

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